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How to pick the best machete

When it comes to purchasing a machete, you should know what to look for so you are getting the best machete you can. First you should consider the reason you are wanting to buy the machete, is it for survival purposes or as a self defense weapon? Once you know how you plan to use the machete, you can begin looking.

If you're looking for the best survival machete, then you need it to be strong enough to cut and chop bushes, clearing camp sites, and so on. For this, a machete with a tang blade is what you want to look for. This is where the blade and handle join together so it's all one piece. This provides you the ability to easily swing the machete without using to much energy, and it helps prevent the blade from breaking off of the handle as well.

If you are looking to buy a machete as a self defense weapon, then you want one with a long blade, this way you can keep your attacker at a distance. You also want it to be easy to swing.

There are three blade styles that are the most common.


This is considered an all purpose blade, usually kept in a sheath and used for chopping wood, brush and trees. The weight at the end allows for strong striking, and not recommended as a self defense weapon because of the lack of a spear-point.


This blade style is the workhorse when it comes to machetes. It's more of a combination of knife and axe. The tip of the blade is where the weight is located, allowing the strength to cut throw thick weeds and wooded areas with low force.  Find out more information on the Bolo here.


These are 3 parted blades that include: Pointed tip, Wide midsection and narrow handle. The handle allows for an easy grip, can even be used for carving. The midsection is great for chopping and the pointed tip allows for stabbing if needed. Out of these three blade styles, this would be the best for self defense.  Check out the history of the kukri machete.

No matter what you're reason for needing a machete is, rather it be to clear a path, track your way out of the jungle, or to protect yourself from an animal or human attacker, choosing the best machete for the job is important. You should consider the weight.

The Ka-Bar machete series is the best style I have found. They have various makes, models and designs depending on your personal preference and situation, but no matter which one you choose, all of them I have use have been the best I've ever used.

They are great fro cutting down small branches, either on a hunt or when clearing a place to set up camp. You can even use them for cutting down weeds that may be in your way, and much more. They are awesome all purpose knifes. To make them even better, the high quality comes at an affordable price.

Black Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete

This version is good for cutting weeds, small limbs and even small branches if needed to clear that camp site. It only weights a little over 1lb and it's made from steel, which I have found to be very durable. It's around 16.5 inches in length and the tag price is just under $85.  This is very similar to the Rambo knife, a type of Bowie knife made famous by the Rambo movies featuring John Rambo.  There are a few different versions of Rambo knives.  Check out the below youtube video for a better understanding of the knife but you can also check out this link.

Black Ka-Bar Kukri Machete

This style of Ka-Bar Machete boats a five star rating as it blew away the results in field testing, it will surely chop threw anything you may need and is great for basic field use. With a tag price around $80, and has a steel blade that measures 11.5 inches for an overall length of 17 inches. It weights a little over 1lb.

14” Grass Machete

As you might imagine, this 1.25lb, 14 inch fixed blade machete will clear out the grass and weeds in any area to set up a camp site quickly. You could even use it to clear a path through her over grown yard and make a maze in no time. The price remains in the mid $80 range, and it's well worth it if you often need a reliable tool for cutting through brush.
No matter what you're needing a knife or machete for, you can rely on the Ka-Bar series to do the job every time. They are made to be high quality, long lasting and useful in many situations you may find yourself in. The price is reasonable, and for a high quality and durable machete, is quite affordable when compared to some of the other high quality products out there.

Machetes boost testosterone levels

Testosterone is good for a man, it makes him feel virile and strong.  Sure there are testosterone supplements out there but nothing increases testosterone more than feeling like a man!  Just smash something with a machete or work your way through some jungle vines, that will help more than anything.


Anytime I need a new tool for something, I will be looking into the Ka-Bar line first. All of their products have continued to work great for me every time I need them, and that is what matters most.