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The name of a Machete may vary throughout different regions. It is important to keep in mind that the most significant thing about choosing your machete will be in how it feels to you. Machetes come in various styles, shapes, and in size. They have different features, and are adapted for different environments, and specific usages.

The following is a list of the more popular machetes:

Bowie Machete

Can be used to slash, chop, and pierce.

Bolo Machete

This machete can be used to cut through terrains, however, it is used more in harvesting crops.

Panga Machete

Great for chopping, slicing, wood vegetation, and grass.

Billhook Machete

This type is good to use for agricultural, such as rice crops, corn, sugar cane,barley, millet, rye, oats, buckwheat, and other crops to be harvested.


Usage if this type is great in blazing new trails, and for clearing paths, chopping those brush down, bleeding out an animal, and chopping compost, and many more. The popularity of this machete has been increasing among fisherman, as well as hunters.

Bush Machete

Used to chop away over excessive vegetation.

Barong Machete

Used more as a utility knife, however, this was once used as a weapon.

Designed with a bright yellow handle, the Gallo 24-inch is a popular option in Ecuador, and it’s an economical machete. It gets is name ‘Tres Canales’ because it has three features that provides flexibility to the blade under extreme force. Let’s find out why it’s a good choice to add to your collection.

The handle, as stated above is a bright yellow had has become very popular in Ecuador where this machete is made. Hansa Machetes are known for their high quality, and that shows with a handle that is created from a hard plastic and easily held and without hurting. Because it’s popular as an agricultural tool used by farmers within Andes South America, this is important.

The blade itself measures 24-inches in length, with a total length of 29-inches with the 5-inch handle. Designed from high carbon steel, the blade is able to withstand what you need it too, and then some. The blade comes with the primary grind, but additional sharpening is required for obtaining a finder edge.

The Gallo 24-inch is also used by the Ecuadorian Special Forces, so you know it’s a well-designed machete that is able to withstand anything. Not available anywhere else, you will have a machete in your collection that is unique to a specific region too.

Wanting a machete that is going to provide you with more than one feature? The Gerber 18-inch Gator may just be what you are looking for. You are going to find the appeal not only in using, but looking at it. One side is an edge, the other a saw blade. No matter if you need to chop or saw something out of your way, with this machete you will be prepared.

The handle is designed to be easy to handle, without putting too much stress on you during use. The Gator Grip Rubberized handle will provide the grip you need on every swing. This is an important advantage.

The blade is 18-inches in length, with the hand being just over 7-inches, the total length is just under 26-inches. This makes it a little longer compared to other machete’s, but provides more cutting surface too. Made from high quality 1075 Carbon Steel, the blade comes with the primary grind, but extra sharpening will be needed for a nice fine edge. The black finish with a Golok style shape will make it fun to look at too.

The blade has a 15-inch edge on one side, while the other side provides a serrated blade for sawing when needed. With the machete weighing in just over 1lb, the lanyard hole helps you carry it without losing. It comes with a sheath made from heavy duty nylon.

When it comes to machetes, there are various types of handles, blades, even features. But, other than this, we got to wondering about the lesser known facts about machetes. If you’re interested in learning more about these cutting tools than you may have known, keep reading, there’s even a thing about machete wielding babies!

What are machetes? Well, let’s start simple, a machete is a tool used for cutting things from small branches and weeds to larger limbs, stumps, etc. Commonly used when hiking through jungles.Generally, a machete blade ranges between 20 and 24 inches, and .2 inches or less in thickness.

Okay, now those of you who didn’t already know what a machete is, should be caught up. So, did you know another use for the machete is opening coconuts? They are also used in surveying land when a path needs to be cleared, and sometimes in warfare too. Lots of uses for this tool.

Remember what we said about babies? Well, did you know that in New Guinea it is common to start teaching babies how to hold and use a machete, often before it can even walk? This is not recommended of course, just look at the Democratic Republic of the Congo.



As the name suggests, a survival backpack is one that contains all the items that can help you in an emergency. In other words, what makes survivor backpacks different than others is that it can help you survive and reach home safely. Though, such a pack is needed by those who are on an adventure trip, it will be useful to anyone who is on a trip, be it a pleasure trip or any other journey.

Usually, survival backpacks are carried by adventure enthusiasts such as skiers, trekkers, bikers, mountaineers, campers and so on. In brief, any of those who are spending some time away from civilization will need a survival backpack to ensure their safety and well-being.

Contents of a survival backpack

What a survival backpack should contain depends on what activity is the user up to or where he or she is planning to take it. It is advisable to carry such a backpack even for long journeys, especially via car, as it may come handy in the event of a car breakdown.

An ideal survival backpack should contain a first aid kit, weapons, a variety of tools, whistles, a compass, lights, hygiene items, a tube tent, food in the way military carries it, a fishing kit that can be used in times of emergencies and so on. Another important addition is water and fire. Water is necessary to keep you hydrated in case you are lost and food of course is as important. Fire can be used to keep you warm and alive if you are caught up in a cold climate. A whistle or any other sign tools can be used to shout for help in case of an emergency. Navigation compass can help you find your way. Tenting materials are necessary as it would help you create a shelter for you to keep you safe. The tools and weapons will help you to fix any situation or even help you protect yourself from any danger.

Factors to look for in an ideal survival backpack  

The most important factor for a survival backpack is that it should be comfortable and that means you will be able to carry it off without any inconvenience. It is better that it does not come with any attachment so that it may not be a problem for your skin. Also it should be soft on your spine. In short, it should feel as if you are carrying nothing, it should be that comfortable.

It should have good space so that all items can be organized well so that you can take out each item as quickly as possible as and when there is a need. There should be enough pockets and space for each item, so that you know where you have kept all the different items.

A survival backpack has to be waterproof as well as you can encounter uneven weather at the place you are going. There can be heavy showers or snowfall or you may have to cross a river with the backpack on.



It is not so easy to find the best folding knife. There are many different models and options.  I want to show you what to consider when purchasing the best folding knife!

Folding knives have a blade, which is hinged so that it can remain folded up and not be dangerous and also take up less space.  The hinge allows it to flip open so that you can use the blade.  You can usually open the knife with one or two hands.

The smaller overall size of the knife in comparison to fix bladed knives means it can stay safe in your pocket.  So, you have a knife always at hand when you're on the go. This can be very useful on vacation, traveling or bush walking. They vary in size, they can be mini or they can be giant sized.

Folding knife test

Our small folding knife test will help you to orient yourself quickly and introduce you to the different types.

Folding knives are not switch blades.  Switch blades are of questionable legal status whereas folding knives are not.

One-hand blade

One hand knife can be opened with only one hand.

The best knife is made from Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel is a type of iron, it is especially hard and tough at the same time.


A Survival knife is a must when caught in a life threatening situation - a survival situation. Survival knives are used from decades to save them and are made up with stones or bones and now improvised with stainless steel versions that do not get rust. But every available steel knife is not survival knives and they should be high in strength, versatility and the amount of usefulness.

Survival knives are available in different varieties and individuals should choose the one that belong to the situation they are about to face. Here are few points regarding how to choose and avoid little things while choosing a perfect survival knife-

What you should know about survival knife?

Picking a survival knife

  • When choosing survival knife with narrow tang check the handle of the knife is removable and the tang would be the part that extends from the base of the blade onwards.
  • Narrow tang survival knives are best used in the form of kitchen knives but they tend to break easily when used for survival or other outdoor activities like wood cutting.
  • Next to narrow tang is folding knives which are considered as multi functional tools.
  • People can easily carry one with them all time and is also used during survival situations and handy.
  • Even huge and larger knives are very common now days but are very difficult to handle them during fighting for life.
  • Hollow handled survival knives are contain a small survival kit in the handle are two pieced and are quite useful.
  • But when used on heavy work, hollow handled survival knives tend to break easily.
  • Full tang survival knives are very effective and are considered best so far.
  • Full tang survival knives handle is the tang itself and is usually wrapped or covered with some material and is very comfortable and carried easily.
  • The blade and the handle are integrated in one section and the breaking chances are very low in full tang survival knives.
  • There are numerous folding knives are available that are very helpful in survival situation and are ideal if it has a fixed knife blade.
  • Fixed knife blade is integrated with handle and cannot be folded or shut.
  • Few survival knives are designed in such a way that suits most individuals are reasonably or medium sized.
  • Reasonably sized knives are helpful in such a way that are compact enough to do small things in camp work whereas it can do heavier things like cutting small wood pieces.
  • When choosing steel survival knife user should choose the strength of the blade and its toughness and easy to sharp.
  • Most knives are made from carbon steel and stainless steel.
  • But most used variety in steel knives is stainless steel since they are very much durable and resistant to rust.
  • But stainless steel survival knives are comparatively brittle than carbon steel and are difficult to sharpen.
  • Carbon steel can be extremely sharp and widely used for chopping, splitting and rusts in a period of time very easily.
  • Stick to a great brand like gerber.